KEXP is my favorite radio station. (Sorry middle school me, Z100 doesn’t play the best music these days.)

John Richards  singlehandedly gets me through my morning commute with songs that might as well be (and are) from my music library. Regularly though, he plays a new tune that I need to make note of and play later. For this scenario, I have two main options:

  1. Remember the time the song is played to check the playlist when I get to work.
  2. Open the KEXP iOS app (while in the car) to favorite the song, making it available in the favorites list.

Option two is great right?! I can favorite the song, and follow up later when I’m at a computer!

Well, great, except the touch target for the star icon is too small, and right next to the ad. See, it’s that little star to the right of the slider:


Currently Playing Song

Yeah, it’s pretty hard to tap without hitting the ad or accidentally toggling to the Favorites list.

So let’s say you manage to hit the little star. Great! You can now resume what you were doing, and check out your favorites later!

favorites screenshot

Favorites Screenshot

And while the playlist provides a great list of the songs you’ve favorited, there’s nothing you can do on this page besides switch sections, “Donate Now” and drill down into the details of the songs.

What if I wanted to send this list to a friend in NY? Or to myself to make a playlist from? I suppose I could type all of the names out and try and add them manually. That would probably work. Why not have a “share” option where I could email the list to someone, or a “Save to Spotify” option?

In fact, there is another app which seems to no longer be maintained, called Playlister for KEXP. It has a share button that creates a list of your bookmarked songs in an email you can send to anyone. This is a great start!

I can easily see this share feature being expanded beyond a list being emailed. What about a external Spotify/iTunes Playlist? Or sharing via Twitter/Tumblr/Pintrest/Facebook/Email, etc. Check out the mockup below:

favorites mockup

Favorites Mockup

Also, I question the “Donate Now” button. I wonder how many donations they actually get through that channel.

Now only if the app was open source I could make the changes…